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Paul O. wrote:

While looking thru the amps on EBay I ran across a mod kit for
sale,V-Mod, consisting of a gain switch, bright switch and a stand by
switch. What caught my attention was the following statement in the
sellers description.

"The standby switch is a must have! When a tube amp is switched on it
should be run in standby for at least 30 seconds, preferably a minute
(the longer the better) before applying the DC rail voltage to the
amp tubes. On Marshall's, Fenders and most other tube amps, this is
achieved by switching on the power at the main switch, leaving it for
necessary time, then switching from standby to normal operation. The
results of not carrying out this procedure can vary from annoying, to
downright expensive. Power Supply capacitors may fail. Bypass
may fail. Your power amp tubes may only last half the time."

Can you just use the volume control instead? Ie don't turn it up until
tubes are hot?

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I've read about every arugment I could find on this standby switch
debate and I've heard enough.
I'm going to put one in.
For one thing, sometimes I take a break, and I'd just as soon not be
powering my vj's up and down just for the sake of a snack or answering
the phone, etc.

if GC doesn't get some vj 1x12 cabs in pretty soon I'm going to start
sending ugly letters to epiphone.

I'm with you on that. Last I heard, a week or so ago, they were going to be
shipping the last couple weeks of April. That would be, like, now.

Paul O.