Re: Lumpy Lumpy Bo-Lumpy Banana-fanna........

On Apr 7, 5:49 pm, "Roger E. Blumberg" <rblumb...@xxxxxxx> wrote:

Hey CS; nice to see you around more frequently (again).


Thanks Roger...dunno how long it will last, but it's fun to stick my
nose in every so often...if only to confirm why I don't do it more ;-)

Still don't have any internet at home and since I finally finished my
shop in the back, I don't get into the Store as often to use their
connection (such nice people).

Did you read through that Pat Martino article on Augmented
clusters...wish I could get it all to print out...I hate wading
through dense material makes it so hard to follow the
logic...but this one seems worthwhile. In any event, stay well and
thanks for the kind WB.

Cheers, CS