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One thing I have found is to be good at anything you have to do it.
I mean pick out at least one hour per day to work on something and keep
doing it till it is perfected to the way you want it.
Then move on to the next thing.
I have been playing for a long time and if I stop playing even for a
few days I lose it.
I guess it's like most things.
The more often you do it the better you get.


That's something I always try to drill into my kids heads.
There's a BIG difference between "wanting" to do something, and DOING it.

For example: Many people "want" to quit smoking.
They make occational token efforts to apease their consience, but they
never quite succeed.
Then there are those who "Just Quit". They've decided that they'd had
enough, and JUST DID IT!

I think it's very much the same with learning an instrument, or anything
else for that matter. The world is full of those who gave it the "effort"
so they could tell themselves they tried, but they weren't any good at it.
Then there are those who JUST DID IT! They decided they were going to do
it, and simply, did what ever was necessary to get it done.

It's the difference between all the guitars that lay around collecting
dust, and Eddie VanHalen.