Re: finger picking

"Derek" <derek@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hey DRA, I am wanting to tune up my fingerstyle single note playing.
Jazz guys I have studied with either use pick and fingers, or if they
pick with just fingers, will use thumb and middle finger for single
notes, which I find awkward. I did study classical for a couple of
years in the mid 80's and I tend to want to use index & middle, but my
technique is lacking. Do you have any such exercises on your site that
would get me up to speed? What specifically would you recommend?

This is about steel string acoustic: I sometimes use index and middle with
the apoyando technique on the three high strings to get emphasis, and
because I like to keep my thumb hovering over the three bass strings. I also
use thumb and index, especially on the lower strings, but I admit I'm not
very good at this singe note stuff compared with a decent flatpicker. I also
would appreciate some advice on improving my technique.

Another trick I use, but don't practice enough, is the flamenco/latin trick
of catching the notes with the nails on the back stroke off a plucked note,
to get fast triplets and the like. (I also do rascuedos the same way.) If I
could combine this with fast left hand technique, I could do some fairly
spectacular single note runs. Unfortunately I don't have the necessary left
hand skills.

Tony D