Re: Days like these...

I'm relieved it isnt just me who gets days like that! must be even worse if
you in a gigging band though. what happens then?
(though I may have started something unfortunate with the crusty sock line -
hmmmm,,, crusty sock rock - I feel a Ramones moment coming)

"Robert Machado" wrote in message
I get in this incredible zone where time
flies by.

Great post, I can relate to everything you said - though I dont have an
acoustic yet (but its next on my GAS list!)

the above comment - being "in the zone" I know that too - its like the
opposite of last night - when you hit the zone you seem to be able to play
anything and it sounds great and time just whizzes by.

maybe thats it - for every moment "in the zone" you have an equal moment in
the doldrums? a kind of universal law of music where everything balances out

fingers crossed that the doldrums moments become fewer and fewer?

Those who find they're touched by madness
Sit down next to me

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