Re: Practicing pentatonic scales

Kernix wrote:
Greg Cisko wrote:

Yes me too. It is great. I even have a question :-) Are the different
modes like Dorian only associated with one shape/pattern? Like
Dorian with the D shape and Aeolian G shape?

Hint: the minor pent shapes are a "skeleton" version of the Dorian,
Phrygian, and Aeolian modes; the major pent shapes are "skeleton"
versions of the Ionian, Lydian, and Mixolydian modes. Locrian is a
monster in and of itself.

Point being: the minor and major pentatonic scales (which are modes of
the same scale BTW) are so crucial because besides being good scales to
use in their own right, they also serve as a further way to
visualize/memorize the major scale modes.

Thanks for the explaination. I have read it 3 times :-) I think the
to my quesiton is more YES than NO... I do get your point of how many
pent patterns can fit into each mode. However my main focus is in
the pent scale to these modes. So I am looking at the shapes of the 5
pent patterns and seeing how they relate to the 5 different modes.