Re: E minor Pentatonic CAGED scale pattern overlap chart --5shapes

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I think I already have. SHOCKING you do not see it that way.

What, a diagram of the pentatonic scale?

Yeah the first link opened up some spyware window and starting
who knows what. No thanks on the other links.


It is great that you made a different version but it isn't anything
significantly different than the same diagram on other websites and

I have not seen any web site yet that shows something similar
and simplistic as what I show. And this is the positive feedback
that I am getting.

books; there is nothing new nor innovative about the pentatonic scale
or diagrams of it, the way you diagramed it isn't even that different.

Duh. The scale is the scale. You don't think I am going to start
renumbering frets and strings just do start my own vision do you?

It's great that you are helping but it is not great that you continue
harping on someone who has spent a LOT more time and effort on theirs

Your "harping" is my "not letting someone walk all over me".

and has actually come up with something completely different than what
is in most books and websites, something that has helped a great many
people _because_ of its difference. Roger suggested people look at the
site comments for good reason:

Hey I admit I am blown away by those comments as anyonw else
probably is. I say god bless Roger for helping people that much.

So much for being too confusing for beginners.

Well they are far more advanced than I and I think that
is awesome.

I am curious though. Since you seem to have so much to say, where is
your stuff? You got a website? Instructions of your own? A band?
A student? A girlfriend? (Just asking about the latter in case I need
to ask Lumpy to help get you laid).