Re: Are You Obsessed with Learning/Playing Guitar?

"Filamino" <pduha-@xxxxxxxx> wrote in message
2) Sometimes I get really discouraged by this
newsgoup. Don't get me wrong, I think of it as
a valuable learning tool / resource. BUT, it is
called alt.guitar.BEGINNER and a lot of the time
I feel really dumb because an awful lot of the
threads are theory and other stuff that is way
beyond my scope. So, I think to myself, if this
is a beginner group then what does that make me
because I haven't a clue what people are talking

Don't feel bad. Look at the bright side. I have been playing
guitar since 1979. I think I know what I am doing (despite
what the experts here say) and I am just as clueless about
that theory stuff as you are.

Now the good news. I can tell you absolutely for sure that
you do not need any of that theory stuff to be a successful
and happy guitarist. Check my website:

Hey this costs you nothing, and you may find it helpful. I get
emails all the time from thankful folks. You can email me
privately at gcisko@xxxxxxxxxxx and perhaps we can put
you on the right track. Email is not as good as in person, but
under the circumstances what have you got to loose ;-)