Re: Modded my guitar

"\o/ Billy" <wju425@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> I have a nice LP copy (agile al3000 prestige) but it sounded a little
> to me, in other words not much treble. I did a research for guitar mod and
> info. Wow, lots of goodies out there and you practically can get any sound
> you want in your guitar. I found a site that showed the wirings for the
> gibson les paul and I saw the values of the caps on the pots. I pulled the
> cover off of mine and saw that the caps (.047uf) are different and none on
> the volume pots. I went to radio shack and bought a pack of .022uf
> caps and a pack of .001uf ceramic caps. The .022ufs goes on the tone pots
> and the .001ufs on the volume pots. Damn, it sound more like a les paul
> sound much better than it was before. I mean it's bitchin'. :)
> Now I'm wondering if there's a reason for them to make their guitars sound
> not as good as it could? Does gibson have a lawsuit that say, "don't sound
> as good as me?"

congrats on your successful surgery! ;')