Re: Distortion

Nil wrote:
On 07 Oct 2005, Tony Meloche <bombarde@xxxxxxx> wrote in news:1128729479_123299@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:

I guess I'm not sure why you would *want* a distortion pedal with a tube amp, but if sweet, natural tube overdrive distortion isn't enough distortion for you, you probably want a heavy-metal distortion.

Seems to me there are plenty of other flavors of distortion besides and beyond "natural tube overdrive" and "heavy metal". Among other things, pedals can help you spikey-up a too-smooth overdrive and to dirty-up a clean tone.

Boss has a nice chart that summarizes what
their various distortion pedals offer at:

Based on this chart, it would appear that the SD-1, OD-3, and
the BD-2 provide tube-like distortions, while the OS-2
starts to cross into the "Rough" zone; the other two
quadrants (Metal: Rough and Smooth) cover most other sounds.

Its kind of amusing that there is virtually nothing
in the Rough & Natural zone.