Chord and Key Transposer chart PDF - Major scale/keys - with triad types

Here's a Chord name and Key Transposing chart PDF for printing (large type,
easy on the eyes). Chart shows all Major scale/keys spelled, includes Roman
numeral triad-types identification, and graphically highlights the letter
names of the I, IV, and V chords in each key.

With this table you can change the key and all chord letter-names of most
any song written in any Major key -- just scan up or down the table to the
desired new key letter and row. If someone were to say, for example, "it's
just a vi-ii-V-I progression in Bb", you'd be able to quickly get the
letter-names of the right chords. Similarly, if you ever get a
key-independant Nashville Numbered chart of some tune in Major, you could
simply choose/declare a key and use a chart like this to help figure it out
(both Roman and Arabic numbers are shown).

here's what the chart looks like as a gif image

and here's the PDF of it for higher quality printing. Clicking this link
will start the file loading into your browser
to avoid that, just go the main directory and
right-click the file and "save as" download to your hard drive, then open in
Acrobat and print. It's about 450k.

Many of us periodically post charts and tables here along these same lines
in ASCII text, but this is a little nicer, and easier on the eyes too. It'll
remain in the above directory for the foreseeable future, so anyone feel
free to use it or link to it as an additional reference chart for someone in
any future post or thread (over and above any ASCII versions or something,
Many people probably save and print the ASCII versions only to find that
they're really not as legible as they might ideally be), i.e. you don't have
to ask my permission first (I just gave it).

for anyone who needs it, here's a key to the Roman numerals and triad types:

Upper-case Roman are Major triads (I, IV, V)
lower-case Roman are minor triads (ii, iii, vi)
lower-case Roman with degree symbol is diminished triad (vii°)
Upper case Roman with plus sign (not used here) is augmented triad (III+)