Re: Lessons...

mo wrote:
[30 min vs 60 min lessons]
> I thought as much - just wondering if
> he could show me as much -
> it might be a case of turning up
> and it being time to finish
> already!
> What do you think they would teach
> u in the first half hour? will
> they get you playing or will they
> go over theory (tuning and stuff)

I think you're trying to pre-think it too hard.
Nothing essentially wrong with that, except
that your teacher will be different than any
other teacher that anyone could tell you about.
Start taking lessons. Only YOU and your teacher
will be able to tell if you will benefit from
shorter/longer lessons, different learning methods,
even a different teacher.

It will take a few lessons for the teacher to
figure out what makes you 'tick'. Once you and
him reach that point, things will move faster.

Everyone's learning style/speed is different.