Re: Left-hander

"Nataly" <natalydt@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Hello all,
> I'm left-hander and so there is not a lot of choice for me.
> I'd like to start with an electro-acoustic (don't know if you say that in
> english), which model would you advise me?
> I like Takamine, do you think that it would be a good choice?
> Thank you in advance for your advices :0)
> Nataly
> Hi Nataly where are my manners ? First of all welcome to the newsgroup.
> Yes I am the one asking the questions believe
me they are relevent if your buying a guitar.The questions that a reputable
music store would ask, It you narrowed it down
to a lefthanded Takamine or Fender thats good, at present I own a Fender DG
10 -12 series a 12 string guitar
it has a laminated spruce top and a Nato Neck whats the point ? well I paid
about $ 260.00 plus tax Cdn. funds
Now I was looking at another fender with a solid spruce top and mahogany
neck they were asking 450.00 so you see
as Roger mentioned you have to do Your home work. My guitar sounds pretty
good but i still go to the music store and try
other guitars and in hind sight I would still like to own a good quality 6
sting with a solid spruce top.they improve with age
so keep us posted and good luck.