Re: Big frets vs. small frets.

"PolyMorf" <pfm@xxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Scott wrote:
>> Hi all.
>> What is the big difference between large and small frets?
>> Is it just a 'feel' thing?
>> Scott
> I find it MUCH harder to do full step to 2 1/2 step bends
> with short frets. Especially around the 2nd fret for full
> step bends. I can't dig into the strings with small frets.
> I like jumbos on some guitars and medium jumbos on
> others.
> I don't notice that much difference sliding up and down
> the neck with tall or short frets.
> Regards,
> Harry

Like the other guy said, it might be just a personal difference. I have
absolutely no problem doing 2 1/2 bend on my tiny fret on my strat.

Or maybe it's a physical difference. I have long fingers, but have very
narrow and girly fingertips. Which makes it uncomfortable for me to slide
on big frets.