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It's also worth noting that the house is 80 years old, and had a new
panel installed about 20 years ago, followed by significant electrical
work about 10 years ago when we put an addition onto the back of the
house. It's perfectly possible that, e.g., we could reverse wire just
the new construction in the house, or just the original wiring, or maybe
both, all without using the garage circuits, and I'm sure there are
other combinations that might or might not work. The electrician who
handled the new construction also rewired to the garage, and he was
distinctly unimpressive as both electrician and human, so I wouldn't
rule out the possibility that just sticking with the original house
circuits might work.


Yeah, the house I live in is a bit over a hundred years old. I learned
to do all my wiring when we bought it and it had Knob and Tube. My FIL
was owed decades of favors so a Licenced company came in with two guys,
my fil and I, and we did the whole house in two weeks... I would wonder
what kind of box he used for the furnace, and if it disconnects the main
ground. Mine does, but my furnace is older and doesn't have the third
wire to the box so I undo both the white and black at the switch box on
the side of the unit and feed it from there...-

There should not be any white wires in the switch box.
It is illegal and dangerous to switch a neutral.


Now you got me gonna' go down and look see what color they are... Either way, you get the point.