OT: Electrical Question #2

OK, I blew up my generator and lived to tell the tale. Let's see if we
can figure out why <sigh>.

I decided to try reverse powering half my house - turned off the mains,
fired up the generator, and connected one of the female 110 v outlets on
the generator to a 110 v outlet in my garage using an extension cord I
bought plus a homemade male-to-male shortie.

Female Outlet - to
Male End of Extension cord - to
Female End of Extension cord - to
Male End of my shortie - to
Other Male End of my shortie - to
Female Outlet on generator.

I believe I've blown both the circuit breakers on my generator - it
still turns on and off normally but there's no juice coming out of the
outlets now.

The behavior that leads me to know I blew its breakers is - the
generator is idling low, then its RPMs increased briefly as it got the
load when I plugged in my cable, and then the breaker blew and the motor
returned to its low idle since there was no more load.

My homemade cord is, I'm guessing, the root of the problem.

I assumed, and I'm guessing this is where I got it backwards, that I
should wire it like this:

Connector A, Top Left = White
Connector A, Top Right = Black
Connector A, Bottom = Neutral/Ground

For the other end, I switched the white and black wires, IOW, if you
just wire them up straight, you'd be connecting top left on A with top
right on B, and I'm guessing this is what I should have done. My cable
has top left wired to top left and top right wired to top right.

Hopefully I've explained myself well enough that someone can tell me
what an idiot I am and why.

Many thanks in advance, and thank G-d for GFI outlets, circuit breakers,
and all those other modern innovations.