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DGDevin <DGDevin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

You must come to court
with clear hands as the old saying goes.

That's exactly my point.

All nations have similar protectionist trade agreements, the US has
them, NZ has them, although seeing as mostly the other countries are
bigger bullies ours aren't quite as toothy as other folks.

And some of that legislation is there purely as tit-for-tat

If you want yours honoured, you have to honour theirs, no matter how
crazy they sound, as that is what has been agreed to.

So, saying this issue is to do with Indian labour is a complete
misvieweing of the situation.

Gibson are deliberately attempting to get around international import
laws. It matters not what the law is, or whether it is 'fair'.

It is not about US enterpretation of Indian law, that's crap, it is
about US enterpretation of a fairly clear trade agreement.

--- Derek

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