Re: Monk Montgomery

Jim Carr wrote:
On 5/28/2011 12:43 PM, Les Cargill wrote:

But they are. And not just any Fender. A Fender P.

There's just no comparison between a Fender and
(say) a Rick 4001 or a Spector Euro.

No, there is not. I've tried on multiple occasions just to
sub. in a Jazz, a Peavey Millenium and an OLP MM copy,
and was asked politely to get the dadgum P back on.

Then I suggest you need to get out more.

If *you can read*, you will notice that what I am saying
is based very much on "being out." With people and stuff.

That's what "asked politely to get the dadgum P back on"
means in the English language.

It does not mean going to Guitar Center and exercising
teh credit card. Guitar Center is for when you know what
you want and nobody else has it.

I have been out plenty. This over a span of over thirty
years. I am relaying actual requests from actual musicians
in the same room with me.

It's more amusing than anything - a variation on the producer
saying "let's try that with the P bass".

And it should be clear that there's sampling bias in what
I am saying - a different set of musicians might have reacted
differently. But somehow, a common theme emerges. It's
literally a cliche.

"The instruments" appear to have less utility than the lowly
P in my experience.

I can make my Spector Euro sound like all sorts of basses.

I don't need "all sorts of basses" - I need the one. Song
to song sound variations are managed by amp EQ ( mainly
the contour knob ) and by my right hand.

Hey, if them fancy things work for you, great. They do not
work for me. They also don't work for abotu half the people I
see on Austin City Limits or other live music programs.

Les Cargill