Re: Petulant conductor?

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I play in a community , classic orchestra band. The make up
is good
players, average players and so so players. Typical of the
type of
make up you'd expect in a non professional ensemble.

Sound's good, go for it.

So we are having this rehersal last night and it is not
(generally) quite as good as it could. At the end of the
rehersal, the
conductor says a sarcastic 'Thank you got the great
rehersal", picks
up his music and storms off the room.

Without being there it's hard to comment; is the level of
musicianship 'up to it' for example?

Well excuse me, Mr Bernstein, you are not exactly
conducting the
London Philarmonic here

Bernstein never conducted the London Phil, he was involved
with the London symphony orchestra

...and to storm off like that, shows pretty bad
form, in my opinion. Not withstanding the need for the
level to pick
up, the musicians are all volunteers, part time musicians,
and it
would have dented their confidence...

Playing live with other musicians is not for the faint
hearted - big understatement!

Do you guys agree / have had similar experiences? Should I
mentioning this (given that I am new to the orchestra) to

Could you swap places with the conductor?...I'm too busy
trying to interpret the bass part in those situations.