Re: Ready for a Bass solo? Hang onto your hats !!!

*e#c wrote:
On May 8, 7:17 pm, Hadenough<slamme...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Too bad Danny Gatton, the Lead Guitarist is deceased. Ive been
listening to him quite frequently. Although the Singer in this vid
sucks, it's still ok. I wish I could have sung in this video !! Gatton
was known as " The Humbler ", and was IMO the BEST Telecaster Player
that ever lived. Ya, I know he's playing what looks like a Gretsch
Bigsby. I just love the sound he gets.
Gattons Album was entitled " 88 Elmira Street". Enjoy !!!!

Looks like everyone is too good to view a superb URB solo. Dont say I
never post anything Bass related.

Drums stop, veddy bad.

Les Cargill