OLP bass wiring question (follow up)

I discovered this bass is not a Stingray clone but the MMIII. No
biggie. But anyway as I mentioned I want to rewire it. I have it all
broken down now and see that what I thought was a humbucker appears to
be two single coils placed side by side in a single cover seemingly
independant of each other, is this the case? IE: each coil has it's
own two wire lead coming out.
The pots are 500k but I was wondering if I could wire like a Jbass
with 250k pots? I see Stew-Mac sells a kit with everthing for that. I
don't have a meter to see the ohms of the pups but if that is a must
before buying components I'll scare one up. It's not that I
particularly want 250k's, just that I like the Jbass config and I can
get the set already to go.