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Do you "naturally" listen more to the bass player and have you ever
contemplated pointing out to them what sounds to you to be an obvious
mistake in their playing? Or has anyone other bass player done this to
you, and if so are you "accepting" of the comment or simply tell them
to bugger off?
I generally don't tend to offer any suggestions, 1) because they are
not asked for and 2) some musicians are just there to do the best they
can but if a fellow musician from the crowd did make me aware of wrong
phrasing / feel, I'd be welcoming the feedback.

What say you?

i'd say unless it was someone that i knew and trusted, i couldn't give
a crap what anyone else says of my playing unless it's a compliment.
and it will end the conversation right then and there and cause me to
hate that person for a long time.  if you don't have anything
positive to say, just sit there and shut up or leave.

i'll give you an example...a couple years ago i did a gig where
another (horrible) band opened for us.  I was very nice and talked to
all of them very pleasantly, although i could tell this guitarist was
a little too full of himself.  so far, so good, though.  so we went
on, and for some reason the drive knob on my vt pedal got turned up
way too much.  i had it on for a few seconds, realized how off it was,
and turned it off.  this horrible no-talent guitarist from the other
band comes up to me after the set...

HIM:  your bass sounded good, but at the beginning there was this
horrible distortion, and all of a sudden it went away.

ME:  yeah, it was me and this new pedal that got a little out of

HIM:  well don't use that pedal anymore.  it sounds like shit.

ME:  yeah, well when you're able to play a blues riff without
stumbling all over yourself, i'll take musical advice from you.

you see?  it never goes well when you offer advice.  either just don't
say anything or leave.  your advice is not welcome unless you're a
trusted member of their inner circle.

This is funny and sad.  People just walk up to you sometimes as if
they know you.  Many problems can ensue from that.

I was onstage with a band years ago when a drunk from the crowd came
up to the bandstand to make suggestions.  The lead guitarist, who was
closest to him and fielded the query, and a bit of a red-ass, just
exploded on the guy and shouted 'Don't come up here giving us
advice!'  Guy disappeared.  Fortunately.

Unless you REALLY know something or somebody, it's best to just
listen, dance, or leave.

right on, edward.  btw, i would take advice from you, bro ;)

'Don't give out advice until you are too old to set a bad example.' --
Cavett Robert