Re: Your $175 practice bass amp

Yeah, I know I said $150 one place and $175 another - whatever. Cheap,
good, lightweight bass combo - the impossible dream.


Steve Freides wrote:
I found a used GK Backline 110 for $150 shipped but haven't bought it

It's for the family room, where I don't practice but my son, who plays
bass sometimes, does. I need as small as possible so my wife doesn't
complain as we've also got a Peavey guitar amp in there (also 110)
plus instruments.

My ideal solution would be a two-channel amp that could handle bass
and guitar together and have whatever distortion guitar players like,
but I'm not expecting to find that for $175, so I'll settle for a
small bass amp.

What would you spend your $150 on? I just don't want a nightmare -
anything that'll play semi-loud without breaking up will probably be



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