Re: Have any of you used these Avatar cabs?

"Kloka-mo'" <BassRobert7@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Not THOSE Avatars, but my Neo 2x10 and 115 is a really good buy. Wish I
would have just gotten two 1x12s. Good sounding SOLID cabinets.

Now you're messin' with my head. I've been entertaining the idea of 1x12s
for quite some time. I tried to interview the Ampegs, but I couldn't locate
any. Now they're out of production.

I sometimes play smaller gigs where I can almost get away with my Roland
Bass Cube (1x12, 100 watts). Almost. A solid 1x12 with my Ampeg head might
be perfect.

I might have to drive to friggin' Idaho.