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bassman2 <vince_angelon...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Interesting...I read somewhere of sessions with "hardened" jazz
musicians where the "form" was totally out the door and it was all
about improvizing there and then..
Puzzling concept, but truly amazing if you can pull it off!

I don't know of these 'hardened jazz musicians' of which you speak, but
what you' seem to be describing is non-idiomatic improvisation -
although you might actually mean 'free jazz' which is a rather more
constrained form of improvisation (in that one has to remain
idiomatically jazz while improvising 'freely').

Non-idiomatic improvisation is not any form of jazz, and isn't
necessarily performed by 'jazz musicians'.

We do this kind of thing regularly - every monday night.

Some youtube clips.

Well, sometimes you start one thread and you end up with something
completely out of left field! As Les mentions, it is intriguing, what
sort of audience reaction do you normally get?
In so far as OP, you are right, I was thinking along the lines of free
jazz rather the non-idiomatic, but there you go, I have learned
something new - thanks for sharing. Your musical interests certainly
span across a very wide plane.