Re: You know you're getting old when...

"js" <nothing@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
What do you think? Is Teen Town a decent choice or not?

Personally I wouldn't do that one if it was a typical outdoor street
crowd. It goes right over their heads, though if you're looking for hip
students who know their stuff it'll be sure to get their attention. But if
you want to draw the typical kid who needs help reading Green Day tabs then
don't bother.
I like to do something funky for these kinds of gigs, or bring a looper
and do a solo arrangement of something recognizable; What you won't do for
love is my auto-pilot solo tune because it's very easy to set up the loop
and everyone has heard the head before.
I know the feeling, realizing the stuff you used to work on just isn't
fun anymore. Oh no, am I getting old too?!