Re: Using a pick on your eb

Steve Freides <steve@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
Today, for the first time, a new student (was his third lesson) asked
me about using a pick. I said I'd used them my whole life on guitar
but never on bass.

Care to give me a primer? I know I've seen a few really good players
use a pick but have no clue about size, material, etc., compared to
guitar picks.

Thanks in advance.


I have an pick assortment of all sorts of sizes and shapes, but lately I've
converged on using these for both guitar and bass:

I use my fingertips about 2/3 of the time and picks about 1/3 of the time on
bass. JoeSpare mentioned that bit about Squire about holding the pick so
that only a small portion of it is exposed. I never saw that reference
before, but I do hold my pick that way, so I can engage thumb or finger
flesh to dull the attack (or not, depending on what sound I'm looking for).
Gripping that far up on the pick, the smaller gauge (0.73 mm) doesn't really
come into play. I'm used to gripping picks that way for guitar anyways, so
I can easily get pinch harmonics.


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