Re: Difference between vintage and new basses

On Jan 22, 2:32 am, Richard Smol <richard.s...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
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Hi all,

what makes buying a vintage bass, viz:

for some, preferable to investing in a NEW instrument? I can
understand the diffential with classical instruments but in the case
of electric does it come down to the quality of the parts used, the
craftsmanship more so than the actual sound itself? Is there enough to
be said for a new bass as there is for a vintage instrument?

Well, wood does "ripen" somewhat with age, with some instruments more
noticeably than with others. The instrument you link is a collector's
item though, which explains its price. I wonder whether it would be
better than any other well-constructed instrument. In any case, I
don't find  vintage instruments better than modern well-built ones.


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