Re: The forgotten art of melody

On Jan 19, 2:06 am, Richard Smol <richard.s...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Paradoxically, not being able to play someone else's songs does not
automatically mean that you can't come up with your stuff. Writing
songs is simply hard and most people are not good at it. It has to do
with this uncontrollable, undefinable quality called "talent".


Gotta disagree from personal observations.

Capable performers outnumber the capable
writers by orders of magnitude. From this, I
conclude that decent writing is a much more
elusive talent than decent performing ability.

Not being able to play certain material is not
a sign that one cannot write, since SOME
material may just not "hook" some players.
But a decent writer should certainly be able
to play other people material quit well when
that material is of the writer's prefered genre.

IOW, how can anyone do a decent job of
creating something which is destined to be
performed unless that creator is a decent
performer of such stuff ? And if one IS a
decent performer of such stuff, then one
would be capable of performing plenty of
[similar] material written by others.