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You guys were a well-oiled machine. Was that live to 2-track? Panning
is odd on lead vox

It was live to two track but not like you'd expect to see. We had an 8 channel powered Peavey board running 2 A7s per side. 4 channels with SM58s were for vocals and 4 channels with other mics were for the drums. That was our PA and the instruments came mostly off of the stage and whatever leaked through the mics. I had a 250 watt SS home made amp with 2x15 Altec 421-8H speakers in a cabinet made of 1.5" plywood and it was loud and clean. One guitar player had a 2x12 Roland Chorus with a Marshal 4x12 extension and the other had a 100 watt Marshal with a 4x12 cabinet.

For the recordings we ran a mono feed from the Peavey into one channel of a Nakamichi portable cassette recorder and placed an SM58 on a stand in front of the stage and about 20' back into the other channel. What came through the mixer was our normal stage sound and it was more about placing the single mic to balance it with the live stage and room sound. It was far from perfect and the results were more about luck and what was happening on stage.

Bob W

It's still a fine live recording.

Les Cargill