Re: O/T - Any computer wiz's out there

"bassman2" <vince_angeloni_1@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

No, figure out who in the home is responsible, and educate them. Then
sure you have decent protection for you PC... and then find the writer of
the trojan/virus, yours or any other, and smash HIS fingers with a
If the sight of blood disturbs you, let me know and I'll help ;-)

(not condoning mindless violence here, but if you've ever had to clean up
computer you will know what I'm talking about)

I do - it's just hard with several family members hopping in and out
to work out who did what, where and how...

Any idea what their sins are? There are ways to block almost anything. IIRC,
you can even keep certain users from downloading ANYTHING, or saving files,
and IIRC, it ***MIGHT*** be possible to do this via very careful editing of
the registry. There's all sorts of juicy stuff at the site below. You can
drive users completely bonkers if you put a little effort into it.


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