Re: Yamaha Alternative Internal Resonance (A.I.R.) Basses

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edspyhill01 <edspyhill01@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

It's not plywood as we know it. I had a "real" plywood bass as my
first bass and it weighed a ton, all those plys and glue. The A.I.R.
body is a soft wood slab with block stiffeners and hardwood back and
top veneers. I'll have to troll Ebay for a used one to try out. I
like the idea of the bar/blade pickups.

Oh, so this revolutionary new concept is not that dissimilar to my Wal
basses, which have a core wood, generally mahogany, a thin veneer of
some other lighter wood, and finished with a variety of facing woods.


Wal basses have been made by this method for something like 30 years.

--- Derek

The additional portion of the Yamaha bass, is that it has 'resonance'
tubes built into this solid core wood. These tubes are mated somehow
to the unique bridge and string through design. This gives it a very
nice tone with loads of sustain, yet keeping it very light. Mine comes
in at just around 7 lbs. This lighter body makes it just a tad neck
heavy, not neck dive heavy like a Thunderbird, but just a tad. if you
have a good strap you probably won't even notice it.

The electronics are nice and potent, with the blade pickups being very
crisp and bright. Typical single coils very Jazz bass like. After a
setup mine plays tremendously well, and is one of my go to players. I
love playing during days, (like today) when my arthritis is flaring
up, as the light weight is easier on my poor spine.

I'd be glad to answer any specific questions you might have on this
bass. I've had mine for over a year now and gigged it a few times and
played it at our church several times. Always sits well in the mix,
with a nice jazz like tone to it.