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news:h43rjl$24v$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>I think we all know my
take on this, so I won't rehash it or John's First
Theory of Band Rehearsal.

I will say this - I'm also the world's shittest rehearser. With no
to get me jacked or paycheck to earn, my attention wanders rather


I think the point of rehearsal is to work out how to mesh some parts
together and *check* it's all good. It is not a substitute for one's
personal homework, it's not the place to learn a song... although
it can happen.
It's a place to try new stuff. It can be a vehicle to create new songs, by
jamming, showing new ideas and working with them... But I don't see the
point of practicing the same exact songs, in the same exact way, time
time, like a lot of people do.

But once it's good... they become a bit superfluous, and not exactly
but yeah, my attention also wanders and I make a million mistakes. That
doesn't happen "live".

Sure, if you have a gig a week, running through the same set you're
playing live is a bit redundant.
But if you're starting out, and have only a gig every 10 weeks, you
need a run-through to keep the set fresh.

yes, a run through, a reminder... maybe. But not a twice-weekly rehearsal of
2 hours for 10 weeks playing the same thing just for that one gig.
A lot of peole seem to not do their homework and expect rehearsals to be the
place where the magic happens. The magic... doesn't exist. It's hard work.
If you work on your skill, if you work on the parts you have to play... you
can have 2-3 rehearsals prior to that one gig and nail it. If you work on
original material you normally need mroe, at least if my experience is
anything to go by, becasue you keep changing things, adding songs etc. If
you gig regularly, the gigs themselves keep your memory up... you only need
to rehearse new stuff, or work in progress... I have fun at rehearsals, but
when you can gig, that's the objective (for me)... so any unnecessary
rehearsal is just taking time I could use on other things.
Play in 2-3 bands that are gigging, and soon you'll resent the superfluous
ones because they make you less available for the ones that really
accomplish something.

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