Re: FEnder Road Worn basses

Rob Schuh <noone222@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I just got a great deal on a new Sunburst Road Worn bass and it has
knocked my socks off. If feels good, sounds amazing both through an
amp and is loud acoustically and just plays great. I think Fender has
shot themselves in the foot as these are as nice if not better than
the US "relics." Granted, the US "relics" have quartersawn necks, but
the originals did not, so the Road Worns are more authentic. I also
was able to pick up a RW for a killer deal that I will put with a new
Highway One body in a 60s Nitro color that should be VERY hip. If you
are an anti relic guy, don't bother spewing your hatred. These RW
basses are nice instruments, no matter how they look.

My grievance is, why the gimmick? They may be nice instruments, but why
can't Fender offer stock basses of similar quality at similar prices
that aren't "road worn"? It's not "hatred", it's a reasonable question
from a person who doesn't particularly care for that look.