Re: I pods...arent they great?

I like my iphone. I HATED Quicktime on my PII 500 box, and itunes took ALL the memory to even open, but now that I have a 1 week old Dell with top specs, I'm happy as hell. It vibrates everytime the phone rings, and still works, after a year +. Don't have the CD, not on itunes? I can usually find on on YouTube, right on the phone. Or save it to the PC, and load it onto the phone. Just need to upgrade to the 3G.

The one thing I DON'T like, is being reception dependant. I miss being able to play a video game ot two, when I'm stuck somewhere with reception, like meetings, or the restroom at work. Meh. There is another thing I don't like, but I'm tired of typing. Ciao!




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