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Just a quick comment...I've been reading this group for something like
two years now. I recall reading about this site now and then, and maybe I
visited it once, but I don't remember *anything* about it.

Something has to happen here in AGB to make the site more visible, if
most of you think is it useful. Whether that's a few people adding the
url to their sig line, or a weekly post aimed at newbies. Maybe more
references to it when answering posts, such as the FAQ regarding cabs and

-John O

A good Usenet practice is for someone to post a link to the FAQ once a
month or so as a new thread.

Other than that, Usenet is Usenet, not a web site, and there's no need for
anyone to visit a web site related to a newsgroup unless it's got content
that's of interest. I hang out in several newsgroups that represent
different interest areas of mine, and I think this is only the second one
I've ever heard of that has some sort of web site associated with it.


I've seen a few of them, most notable the PowerPoint faq at, and
the definitive FAQ on barbecue. lol. Anyway, otherwise I agree,

-John O


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