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Yeah, but still, it's a matter of respect for a nicely made tool. Dogs
should be about 50 feet away from the front of the gun.

Depends on the dog. I know some dogs that have better manners (and
better sense!), that some of the folks who hang around here. I've even
known a couple of dogs that I'd seriously consider taking a bullet for.
In any event, I say give 'em a sporting chance, make it about 1000 meters
in front of the gun. If one can't hit a dog-sized target at 1000 meters,
one shouldn't be allowed to own a gun. Unless, of course, it's a pistol,
then a couple hundred meters is a fair distance.

I really gotta ask. How many people do you know who could hit a target
the size of a dog at 1000 meters? Or with a pistol at "a couple of
hundred meters"? I have to say that nothing in my fairly respectable
arsenal is capable of either shot even if I thought I could do it. I have
a Dan Wesson Super Mag that can make the shot at 100 meters, but certainly
not 200,


I like dogs, so I think 1000 meters with a rifle (as long as you aren't
using a Barrett Arms M107), or 200 meters with a pistol gives them a
sporting chance. :-)
I once hit a deer in the heart at a bit over a thousand meters with an M14
with the stock peep sight. Lucky shot? Maybe, but I also knocked down every
1000 meter silouette target on the rifle range with the same rifle in basic
training (we got two shots per target).