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I'll be over to your house straightaway to spray paint designs all
over it. You will be OK with that. Wanna pursue the dog issue again?
You lost last time.

First, I don't get the whole spray paint reference. Second, do think
that people actually win and lose in on-line discussions? If so, that
certainly explains a lot. And third, I don't ever remember getting
into it with you all that much about your rants on shooting dogs.

Personally, I see nothing wrong with shooting dogs, as long as the dogs
have had gun safety training and have a permit to carry, and they
aren't shooting at me. :-)

They slobber all over perfectly good guns.

Give 'em an M16, those things will fire regardless of how wet you get

Yeah, but still, it's a matter of respect for a nicely made tool. Dogs
should be about 50 feet away from the front of the gun.

Depends on the dog. I know some dogs that have better manners (and better
sense!), that some of the folks who hang around here. I've even known a
couple of dogs that I'd seriously consider taking a bullet for. In any
event, I say give 'em a sporting chance, make it about 1000 meters in front
of the gun. If one can't hit a dog-sized target at 1000 meters, one
shouldn't be allowed to own a gun. Unless, of course, it's a pistol, then a
couple hundred meters is a fair distance.

Bwahahahaha! Carr should be stopping by shortly....

I dunno, even Jim might be able to sense the trap about to spring shut here.