has new owner

The new owner of is your very own C.W. Smith.

The eBay auction had no bidders. Maybe the starting price was too
high? Maybe the economy had something to do with it? Who knows, but
it doesn't matter.

The good news is that the site is going to be in good hands. C.W.
has provided sterling assistance throughout the whole process of
getting the site to the stage where it is ready to transfer. Not only
had he donated web hosting to go along with the auction, but he had
been instrumental with getting the site to the new servers, making
changes to code to accommodate the new structure, and offering help
and much support along the way.

C.W. has offered to add a 'Donate' button to the site, for donations
to be made to Act of Life, the adoption awareness ministry that I
direct. Donations are tax deductible. Please direct any questions
about donations to C.W. and questions about Act of Life to myself.
Think of it as an foundation... bass players for philanthropy!

I am confident that you will see some great new additions to the site,
without any loss of the areas that have proven so popular. I am not
sad at the transfer, rather pleased to see it go to a good and
deserving new home.

That's it from me. Y'all play nicely now ;)