Re: The 16 year old singer review.....

JoeSpareBedroom wrote:

I don't force myself into my son's situations. But, he still shares his achievments and current interests with me almost daily, even though he's 3000 miles away at the moment. It really sucks to have a kid like that, you betcha. When he was here, he came to probably half my gigs, just because we have a lot of common musical interests.

First, this has no direct bearing on whether your normal teenager would want mommy or daddy sitting in on an audition. Talking about it before and afterwards is not the same thing as staying close to mommy during the audition.

Second, it doesn't support your claim that teens want their parents to do that unless the parents are "pieces of shit."

Tomorrow, I'll set up an appointment with a shrink to discuss this. Something must be wrong.

I've known that about you for a while, Joe. While you're there go over the whole thing about shooting dogs and jailing their owners.

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