Re: To rehearse or not to rehearse....

Thank you. Seriously. Someone gets it.

To the rest: for the umpteenth time, I'm NOT saying "band rehearsal is bad".
I AM saying a) there are much more efficient ways of getting up to speed. b)
musicians who DON'T want to rehearse are NOT arrogant/mercenary/whatever,
they just don't NEED to rehearse. c) if your rehearsal goal is social, not
business, then you don't even need to be in this thread.

If you're having a real problem with this, then you SERIOUSLY need to look
at your own skills and abilities, and those of your band - as well as WHY
you are so resistant to the idea that a good player can walk onstage and
play as well as "Ol' Bubba" who has been with you for 6 years.

Good pliers won't stay in the basement very long. That's not an opinion;
that's a FACT.

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Thing is, it's NOT being "hammered away at", at least not by me. I just
finally got sick of a back-and-forth post battle every time I dared to
suggest the REALITY that most good/pro musicians don't rehearse. got
more sick of people telling me it's impossible, even though I do it
frikin' weekend.

So I just laid out the facts. The only people who are "hammering away"
the ones who still refuse to believe it.

What's funny is, this isn't even an OPINION, like "P vs J". RIGHT NOW
(well, in a few hours anyway), in bars and clubs all over the country,
who have never even played together before are walking onstage to make
look like they have.

I do that every two weeks at a local blues jam. But, I've also met some
great players who, for whatever reason, are not comfortable with that
idea. They just want a little time with the band they'll be working
Let's face it: There are some songs in which stops happen in
places, and a band sounds a lot tighter if everyone at least has an
asterisk next to those songs on the list.

This does not contradict what John said, quoting: "There are VALID
reasons to schedule a rehearsal - to learn new songs, clean up
problem areas"

The band I play in regularly has semi-regular rehearsals to do just
that - we learn new songs and go over stuff that we might have
"fluffed" a bit at a gig. We don't spend time "jamming" just for
the sake of hearing ourselves play, or go over straight-ahead
blues and R&B songs over and over. I've done that with other
bands and it is a PITA and a waste of time. That is what John
is talking about.

- Gary Rosen