Re: Our First Black President

On Nov 10, 3:40 pm, Benj <bjac...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Nov 10, 1:49 pm, The Bishop <Convery.Ke...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

PLEASE keep this kind of stuff coming. The most talented band in the
world can't make music as sweet as the sound of Republicans whining
about how unfair it is that THEY have to lose. Whatsamatta--couldn't
stuff the ballot boxes fast enough to keep up with the Obama tide?

Sure glad too! Hey we learned how to whine about a "stolen election"
till we win back the White House from all you guys! I guess you can
finally shut up about that "stolen" election of Dubya now that you've
finally stolen another one!

Except we have the facts on our side, and all you have is your racism
and your lies.

Go on--TRY to say there was a reason to oppose Obama besides the color
of his skin. I'd love to hear it. Was it McCain's thoughtful positions
that impressed you? Was it the way he knew the fundamentals of the
economy were strong, when stupid Alan Greenspan, Ph.D was cutting
interest rates every three months? His tight-ship campaign? His
inspired VP choice? What WAS it that made you think this Alzheimer's
patient with obvious trauma from his ordeal in the war was a worthy
candidate? Got anything based on ISSUES or FACTS or REALITY? ANYTHING
besides the same old frat-boy us-versus-them approach to politics that
GOT us in this shithole to begin with?

Of course, reasons based on Sean Hannity talking points have zero

Don't worry--we'll STILL treat you much, much better than you EVER
treat us. You're welcome.

Oh sure you will. Just go tell Governor Palin how nice you all are
especially when it comes to the treatment of women...

I'm surprised you even bring up the crazy bitch from the Yukon. She
was McCain's worst crime.

Treatment of women, eh? From the side that doesn't even recognize a
woman's right to control her own body, NOW you're worried about the
women. Funny, that...

As far as this "Fake American" is concerned, there's no love lost in
either direction, and therefore, no issue. As usual, with you guys.
Without the smoke and mirrors and ginned-up faux outrage, you would
cease to exist. I'd like to hear what our "mistreatment" consisted of,
by the way. Were we too mean in pointing out her utter unreadiness to
serve? So sorry, that persnickety little self-preservation instinct
making us misbehave again. And you're right, that's SO MUCH WORSE than
calling her a Communist, a terrorist, and everything else you heroes
shouted out at her rallies, where you were among friends and couldn't
be made to back it up.

Given the damage the stupid bitch could have done, we were EXTREMELY


Two words about the treatment of women, Republican: Anita Hill.

And besides, I think I would rather have a President who wasn't nice
but DIDN'T bankrupt the country, rape the Bill of RIghts, and wiretap
without warrants than the reprobates we've had for eight years.
Smiling while you fist me doesn't make it hurt less.

Got any other righteous talking points? Wanna talk about Bill Ayers?
Wanna say the progressive tax system is socialism? Any other tidbits
of bullshit you'd care to recycle? I got facts, you got anger. I got
issues, you got smears. In fact, now that Nov. 4th has passed, you got
NOTHING. Which is what you and your heroes Karl Rove and Lush Windbag

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