Re: Upgrading my studio (again) - LONG

Mike Rieves wrote:

There were a few solo and duo acts around here that used midi backing, which makes it really easy to operate midi controlled lighting, the lighting control for each song was incorporated into the midi backing track and was sent through a separate midi port to the light controller. That allowed them to program very complex and dynamic lighting changes into each song, if they so desired. Good lighting and good midi backing tracks can make even one or two people into a very impressive act. The lights don't have to be all that elaborate, a color-changing spot or two on each performer, some side fill floods mounted on collapsible stands and maybe a strobe or two can be very impressive when properly programmed. A setup like that takes 30 minutes or less to setup, btw.

I didn't ask you, and you didn't answer the question anyway. Did I accidentally use "how" instead of "why" again?

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