Re: Finger wounded

"Sympa" <makhno2000@xxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hi all,

I cut 1/2 cm my medium left finger slice with a cutter 6 months ago.
Hopefully my nerves weren't touch.
BUT I'm right handed and now when I use this finger to press my bass
string it hurt a lot just in the place I was cut.
I'm very frustrated not to be able to play. I'm beginner so my finger
arent yet hard at the top, but taking a lot of pleasure to play.

So I'm looking for a technique to make the pain less important.
Perhaps to have string bigger or less tighten or to put a protection
on the finger....

Do you have an idea ?

THANKS A LOT in advance

PS/ sorry for my bad english

Go to the pharmacy and ask - there are products you can put on the area
to protect it until it fully heals. Even a small, tightly fit bandage
can help. I have heard of people even using a small amount of glue but
I've never tried that and wouldn't recommend it.