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Click here:
Let me know how long it takes you to figure out the key. This is the
exact version I provided.
That's not the "original" version.

So, what key do you guys play it in?

OK. It's the version you have on a CD, in the player, in your living room,
with your guitar in your hand.

Now answer the question using that information.

I already know how to play it. I've done it two other bands in two
different keys. Why do you want me to waste my time downloading a
bootleg MP3 when you could type one letter and hit send?

Sounds to me like you don't know enough about music to answer a simple
question. I really don't want to join a band where in response to a
"what is the key" question the guy pushes the neck forward, looks at his
hands and says, "I start playing it here."

I also don't want to be in a band where the guy plays games instead of
giving straight answers. I'll pass. Good luck in your search!

Write a wise saying and your name will live forever.
- Anonymous

I actually agree with Jim on this one. I've played LOTS of songs, in
LOTS of different bands, and frankly, I'm not going to do much more
than do a cursory review. Also, there've been a number of times where
someone's sent me an MP3 of a song and said "This is the version we
do" only to get there and find out well, it WAS the version they
did... before the new singer came in, or...

Also, depending on the recording, sometimes it really ISN'T that easy
to decide what key to play something in, and a half step here or there
may very well affect how a guitarist is going to voice things.

I really waited to wade in on this one, because it felt weird to me
that you felt this was an issue? To me it's just a simple question,
and I can't figure out why it's a big deal to be asked?


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