Re: empty cabs

I've had some good luck, some bad going this route, Brian. I think
overall, you're correct. BUT... I'm not sure how cost effective it is
when you take a look at the Avatar route. I mean, seriously... $349
for a Baltic Birch cab, INCLUDING two 12" Neodymium drivers? That's a
pretty good deal, considering Parts Express sells the drivers for
about $100 each (maybe a bit more?). $149 for a finished cab that WAS
designed for the drivers inside? Seems cheap to me.

I agree 114%, absolutely. I only made that comment because I think we tend to believe that there will be horrible, horrible consequences if we just slap any ol' driver into any ol' cab. The very fact that the OP would consider doing that tells me he's more interested in practical expediency and less interested in technical excellence. I'm just sayin', heck yeah, it won't kill you if you try it.

Remember, my answer was to get out the Skilsaw and a straightedge and go ahead and make the cab yourself, and of course, you'd do that after applying the best available technology -- it doesn't cost you anything or delay you much to calculate your box and port sizes, when you're starting from scratch.

But you're right, with a company like Avatar out there, there's damned little reason to consider doing it yourself anymore -- assuming you're looking for an Avatar-equivalent cab in the end.