Re: Speecking of grammurs...

Brian Running <brunning@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I believe it stated 1 hour a week if "your" as opposed to "you're"

Which doesn't really deserve criticism. So, you type "you'r" and your
spell-checker turns it into "your" instead of "you're." Big deal. We
all have typos that end up being changed by our word processors into
something we don't intend. And, we all make typos, period. Oh, well.

I get a kick out of the spelling suggestions that Word sometimes comes
up with -- especially with people's names. Sometimes the suggestions
it comes up with, for names that are spelled correctly, are hilarious.

People were more careful about their writing back in the days before we
had such awesome technology. I still run spell/grammar checkers on
anything that other people are going to read (outside of usenet), but at
least 95% of the time the suggestions are wrong (or hilarious or both).

Thinking while you're writing helps a lot. In this particular case, I
think the bad writing reflects very poorly on the school system.