Re: Speecking of grammurs...

Todd H. <bmiawmb@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
"JoeSpareBedroom" <newstrash@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Apparently written by an employee of the city school district:

Any "accredited musicians" here?

What'd I miss? I didn't see any grammatical hangin-crimes with that

Check the title. "Austic"?
In addition to what the others have pointed out, the guy kinda OD'd on
capital letters.

Sounds like a very well intentioned school employee trying to find
volunteers to help autistic kids who tend to get a lot out of music

Music therapy exists. And the "accredited" may have simply been meant
to be "degreed from an accredited music therapy program." For legal
reasons, schools generally like to have some credential to hang their
hat on for comfort level rather than letting any random with a guitar
in off the street. Also, I believe some states do have music
instructor accreditation/certification for teachers. New York may be
one of them, and maybe the post is 100% accurate.

I'm not quibbling with content. Just style.