Re: Scaling Back the Band

Hook up a steady gig somewhere, 2-4 times a month on an off night, and try
to turn it into a "thing". Take the door if you have to.

Have a "core" group of guys (hopefully including a singer and a
guitarplayer) who run the gig, then rotate the others in as their schedules
dictate. Use "outside" players to fill in the gaps.

This way, you won't have to be constantly booking to keep the thing afloat,
you can work with who you want, and you might make some money to boot.

"John (Eryn Shewell Band)" <skokiaan@xxxxxxx> wrote in message
After 10+ years my cover band is close to folding. I told long
stories here last year about a founding member leaving. Well, much of
the fun left with him and I've lost most of my interest. Our Female
Singer has, too, because she has her own band and I found out today
Guitarist (founding member) is also losing interest. Today I heard
that new Male Singer feels like an odd man out in the group and would
prefer to be a front man somewhere, which wouldn't fit with us.

Never liking to walk away from anything (been at my job 17 years) I
came up with an idea to save the band and keep it fun: scale back gigs
to our two favorite places and bring back some old faces. This means
one gig per month, occasionally two. The last two members who left
were the most fun people and are my closest friends. Instead of the
pressure of an active band, we'd have a monthly reunion of friends
getting together for some paid fun.

One gig per month would make this band everybody's side project.
Former Male Singer has another cover band that plays twice a month,
plus he's starting an acoustic project with Former Female Singer, who
is leaving her current band and may be starting yet another. Current
Female Singer and I have an original band together. Guitarist would
like to get into jazz. We would maybe rehearse once, so there would
be no major time commitment. The core musicians played together 10
years and we're tight. We almost never rehearse anyway.

So far, all approached have agreed:
Former Female Singer
Former Male Singer/Guitar/Keys
Current Female Singer

Drummer is always away on business, so he hasn't been approached yet.
He may be a little disappointed that there will be fewer gigs, but
because of his constant traveling he doesn't have time to commit to a
new band, so he's kinda stuck. He'd be free to play with other bands
if he had the time, of course (he does fill-ins).

New Male Singer may either be disappointed or relieved. He doesn't
seem miserable, but this doesn't seem to be the situation he'd enjoy
most. He won't be fired, but he'll want to start looking for a new
band once he hears the plan and will be given time.

The big question is when to do this. We have gigs booked at several
venues through the end of the year, including a radio broadcast in
June and a multi-band charity gig in July (that all these same people
were playing both together and separately anyway). Can't back out of