Re: Just Tried Tapewounds

"John Bigboote" <Bigboote.YPS@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
On 13 Mar, 10:22, "Stronger Than Dirt (John)" <skoki...@xxxxxxx>
I put a set of Fender tapewounds onto my Gretsch acoustic/electric
bass last night and headed straight to an acoustic gig. I'd never
used tapewounds before and, while I wouldn't consider them for my
electric basses, they worked great on the acoustic. They helped
mellow the tone nicely and eliminate much of the fret click so
prevalent on A/E basses. They feel nice, too, and the black color
looks cool on the orange bass.

Ditto all that. I've heard raves about LaBella tapewounds, but they
cost 2x, and so far I'm happy with the Fenders. Besides, they were OEM
on my fretless (Precision A/E), so what the hey? Worth noting that the
Fenders are roundwounds under that tape, so some have observed they're
a bit brighter than other tapewounds or flats.

Oddly enough, I *have* considered them for one of my electrics. I
mean, why not? At $20 for the set, that's a pretty small investment to
see if you might be onto something cool.


Interesting. I was about to post a question about "what's your favorite
string type for fretless". The stork just brought me a Peavey fretless, 34"
scale. You like those tapewounds?